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Every guest has an obligation to bring a napkin - everyone knows that. But the best guest is the one who makes life easier for the hostess. You don't know what to bring to your friends - BEST GUEST gourmet SET is your savior for tonight. The hosts will be surprised by even 3 spreads, a set of meatballs; extraordinary cheese ball chips. And the evening will be sweetened by coconut chips with chocolate and the star of the evening, the latest, gourmet CHAZZ dots with caramelized onion flavor.


The set includes:

1 pc. Caramelized onion flavored potato chips CHAZZ, 90g

1 pc. Cucumber condiment "Malonumas", 100g

1 pc. Caramelized onions with blackberries, 200g

1 pc. Pheasant pate with truffles, 100g or Venison pate with wine, 100g

1 pc. Dried pork sticks with horseradish, 100g

1 pc. Chopped white cheddar cheese balls, 65 g

1 pc. Bett'r organic coconut chips with cocoa powder, 40 g

1 pc. MILIPOP Potato crisps, cheese and onion flavor, 90g


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