The spicier the better!

Did you know that spicy food provides not only special and for some extreme sensations, but also benefits our health and emotional state?


First of all, scientists have proven that eating spicy food at least once a day reduces mortality by EVEN 14%! Second, spicy food can also be a great help in rekindling the flame in a relationship, because eating spicy food increases testosterone levels, which in turn boosts your libido.

And also, studies show that the body reacts to the heat caused by the spiciness and therefore begins to produce endorphins, which help a person feel better emotionally. So, spicy food means more happiness and less stress!

With all these advantages in mind, the CHAZZ team has created a new challenge for the hottest chips!

Challenge yourself or a friend!

Our challenge consists of 3 different levels of spiciness, so everyone can choose the most suitable for themselves, and for the bravest, we suggest trying them all!

Level 1 - Mildly Spicy Jalapeno Habanero Pepper Chips

For those who don't eat spicy, these chips will be a real challenge, and for advanced spicy fans, they will be perfect instead of roasted sunflower seeds.

Level 2 - Decently Spicy Flaming Ghost Pepper Chips

When eating these chips, you might think you're up to the challenge, but the heat will hit you like a ghost and possibly tickle more than just your palate!

Level 3 - Insanely Spicy Moruga Scorpion Pepper Chips

ATTENTION! When you eat these chips, remember that you are holding chips with the most extreme and hottest chili pepper in the world! We suggest buying a fire extinguisher and tasting only with the supervision of relatives.


CHAZZ's recommendations and warnings for you before taking on the challenge:

1. Consult your stomach!

2. Keep out of reach of children!

3. Do not scratch your eyes while eating!

4. If you catch fire - milk is your best friend!

5. Not recommended for pregnant women.


We wish you a fun, enduring and maximally enjoyable trip while tasting our hottest chips! Don't say we didn't warn you ;)


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