CHAZZ story
CHAZZ is a crazy young team that started their adventurous journey in 2018.
What inspired the creation of crisps? Totally boring and unhealthy snack shelves!
Our goal is to enliven them, introduce a variety of bold flavors and offer a healthier alternative to snacks.

Brave tastes. Next level.
While creating the most delicious snacks for you, we aim to be different, bold, inventive, proactive, and to raise such a simple snack - chips - to a completely new level!

What is special about CHAZZ chips?

Kettle chips are crispier chips that retain the true taste of potatoes.
The main difference between Kettle and regular chips is the cooking method.
Regular, mass-produced potato chips are fried in a continuous frying line. In this conventional method, the potatoes are fried on a special belt that carries the potatoes through the always equally hot oil. Kettle chips are baked using a method called batch cooking, when potatoes enter the kettle in portions.
As the Kettle cooking cold vegetables enter the kettle, the oil cools down and then slowly heats up, so each chip is a unique shape, crispier and very similar to homemade! Our chips are baked in small batches, slower and longer, so they retain the taste of a real potato - perhaps the most important thing for natural chips lovers!

Natural vegetables.
We only use vegetables grown by Lithuanian farmers for our chips. This way, we not only ensure the maximum naturalness of the production, but also promote sustainability.

Natural seasoning - no preservatives and flavor enhancers. Gluten free, suitable for vegans.
We season our freshly baked chips with only natural seasoning that do not contain preservatives or flavor enhancers. We add spices in moderation so that you can feel the taste of natural potatoes. You won't find gluten in the chips, and we've also created a number of vegan-friendly chips!



CHAZZ - bold and unprecedented flavors: from cold borscht (,,Pink soup“) and caramelized onions to "Pussy" and "Dick" flavoured chips.

However, the journey is far from over - CHAZZ continues to expand, creating unique, unheard of and untasted flavors and enriching its range with the most delicious CHAZZ approved snacks. We are currently available in more than 30 countries!

We do things that most people probably wouldn't even think about!















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