Chips created by Ukrainians will raise money for their homeland

The only producer of potato chips in Lithuania presents a flavor created together with their employees from Ukraine. All profits from the sale of Ukrainian borscht-flavored chips will be donated to an organization dedicated to training the Ukrainian military and providing targeted assistance where the most intense fights are taking place.

"When the war in Ukraine started, our production team was enriched by several workers from Ukraine. During our conversations, we felt how important it is for them not to forget the ongoing war in Ukraine and the support their country needs in this struggle. We thought about how we could contribute and did what we do best - create flavors matching the name of the product, and to be even more precise - we included our new colleagues from Ukraine in the process of creating these chips", says CHAZZ co-founder Žilvinas Kulvinskis.

According to the "CHAZZ" representative, Ukrainian borscht-flavored chips are meant to be a thank you for the fact that we can enjoy peace in our countries and serve as a reminder for us that the war is still going on, and Ukraine needs our help. Not only the chips are going to serve as a reminder but also all the profit received from the packages sold of Ukrainian borscht chips will be donated by the company to the VšĮ "Iki pergalės" foundation.

"If you count the help provided by Lithuanians, we are probably the champions - we have many great initiatives and strong organizations. We are a small producer, so we will give all the profit from the sale of Ukrainian borscht chips to an equally small but maximally courageous organization that provides targeted assistance and takes it to the front line," says the co-founder of CHAZZ.

When asked if this news is interesting to the salesman, he gives an unequivocal answer. "As soon as we announced that we have such a product, more than one small chain or branded store practically immediately asked to send a few boxes for testing, and "Ukrainian borscht" chips can already be found on the shelves. We feel great interest from large retail chains in different countries also, so we can expect to be able to gather significant support for our partners," said Ž. Kulvinskis.

The representative of the organization VšĮ "Iki pergalės" told about the unexpected start of cooperation. "More than a month ago, we received a call from CHAZZ. They told me about the new product and without asking for anything in return asked to pass it on to the soldiers at the front as a thank you. The chips are currently on their way to Ukraine and I believe they will brighten the mood of more than one soldier. Our loads are really diverse and we transport not only what is requested, but we also try to surprise with simple things", says Sigitas Miliauskas, the representative of VšĮ “Iki pergalės”.

According to S. Miliauskas, there are weeks when the organization has things to transport, such as food rations or life-saving medical equipment, but the lack of money for fuel or the preparation of transport for the trip stops it. "I believe that the regular donation of the profits of this product will allow us to send colleagues more often and to respond more quickly to constantly changing needs and save even more lives," concludes the representative of the organization.

The purpose of the "Iki pergalės" organization is to be the back of the educational mission "Snake Island" and to provide instructors who teach ordinary people to survive in war conditions and to contribute qualitatively to the fight against aggressors. Since the beginning of the war, the organization has already trained over 8,000 ordinary people.

"Ukrainian borscht" flavored chips can already be purchased in “Utena prekyba”, "Vilniaus alaus" branded stores, the first test batches went to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Latvia, and Estonia.

We invite you to contribute to help Ukraine by allocating support in the following ways: on the Contribee platform , by allocating 1.2% of your income tax to VšĮ „Iki pergales“, Company code 306040086 or by bank transfer:

Account No.: LT177300010171472276


Bank: Swedbank


Purpose of payment: PARAMA


Ukrainian borscht flavored chips can be found here

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