For chips’ frying, special varieties of potatoes are grown (so-called chips potato) - it has a lot of solids, several times more even if we compare it with the young potato that we eat in early summer.

If you made chips from special chips potato in a deep fat fryer and at the right temperature, the result would be similar to CHAZZ chips. You will get Kettle chips (more about the production of our chips here).

The only thing that is difficult to achieve at home is the same quality of the chips. It is possible only through process optimization, quality control and professional equipment.

Making the right mass market chips at home is nearly impossible.

They are lighter in color, look like they were baked for only one moment - and this is almost true. They are baked less than Kettle chips and are washed and carefully processed to remove the top layer of starch before baking. Baking takes place at a higher temperature and in shorter times on GIANT continuous production lines that can bake tens of tons of chips in just one hour.

This makes the chips softer and lighter, but harder to taste the natural potato and it requires more spices and flavor enhancers.



One of the most effective examples of economies of scale is the food industry: there is always savings to be made when producing large quantities. The difference is most clearly felt by the consumer in the way of baking: mass market chips are lighter, less crunchy, require more spices and flavor enhancers, because taste of vegetables is weaker.

Mass market chips are baked at a higher temperature and for a shorter time, so in such factory you can bake tens of tons of chips in just an hour.

Continuous production lines used in mass-produced chip factories are also increasing in volume, while mass production of Kettle technology is much more complex: even Kettle chips produced by the major brands are much more expensive than their mass market production lines. Big producers also save money by buying raw: they have an advantage when negotiating with farmers, other raw suppliers and partners.


Chip potatoes are not suitable for daily use due to their high solids content, for example, it will take longer to cook and will still be hard, and at some point will simply crumble. These potatoes can be used in other food industries, such as making potato powder (mashed potatoes), starch or ideal zeppelins.

Thousands of tons of potato chips grown in Lithuania are exported as raw to the entire European Union. It is mainly bought by the chip producers from the Southern Europe, where it is hot and dry climate, the potatoes grow quickly and therefore do not accumulate solids, so they are not of the same quality and are not suitable for the production of chips.


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