We all know that feeling of wanting to dress up nicely but comfortably. Stylish but relaxed. Simple but distinctive.

If you know what we mean, here's the CHAZZ X SHMUTKE collection for the bold and fearless who really don't live by anyone else's standards!

With "BE YOU, BE BRAVE!" LIVE LOUD!" collection, you will feel free and comfortable and most importantly - exclusive.

In our MERCH category you will find even 2 different crazy designs of women's and men's t-shirts and jumpers created by CHAZZ. With this collection, you won't have to worry about what to wear in summer or winter! We offer both jumpers and T-shirts in two basic and classic colors that you can never go wrong with: black and white.

We put our designs on the back very thoughtfully and purposefully to make these clothes as practical as possible and serve you as much as possible! From the front, you can be reserved and non-challenging, and from the back, you can reveal your true face!

Well, to complete the look - we have 2 fabric baskets in different colors with an unreal design, which will become not only an extremely convenient assistant for carrying everyday things, but also an exclusive style detail!

Bright colors, exclusive designs, high-quality materials, and most importantly, comfortable and durable products will suit any occasion.

After all, the most important thing in life is to leave a mark, not to be just another drop in the sea.


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