"... One pinch of cumin, one pepper and salt. Obligatory dorcuzzi, plus pork loin, sausage, boule and bay leaf. White cabbage and sauerkraut and the company sauce. when."

Any freaks here know Summer?! it was admitted that the attachment of a new taste, this note drove us too much! ???? Are you ready to help the true taste of Polish cuisine to the palate? We encourage you to do so!
Why only bigos? To the classics of Polish cuisine, the taste and aroma of rzegoj remind us of family, home warmth and tradition. We wanted to smuggle this tradition into the world of snacks and realize that even in the version of chips, bigos can taste great.
When creating a new flavor, we focused on the authentic taste of bigos. That is why in our chips you will find a hint of dried sausage, sauerkraut and aromatic herbs, which are famous for the inseparable sweetness of bigos.
We believe that our chips with the taste of bigos will be a snack for the upcoming May evenings and during a barbecue with a beer. Their unique taste will surely surprise your guests and introduce a touch of nostalgia and usability to the visual.
We are proud to introduce a new flavor to our offer and we hope that it will appeal to lovers of traditional Polish cuisine and lovers of original and typical snacks. Do not wait, try our new potato chips and the real taste of Poland!

Chips will be available in our chazz.pl store at this moment, but they will already go to stationary stores.

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