Caramelized onion flavored chips with perfect softness and long-lasting aftertaste!

Did you know that onions are a really valuable vegetable that has not only a high energy value, but also cleansing, antioxidant, anti-infection, and immunity-boosting properties? Let's face it, onion is probably the most important spice vegetable for Lithuanians. We use them in meat roasts, stews, soups and even snacks.

So, we present a harmonious and full of taste that will love the receptors of the tongue. To make use of our love for onions, we searched for a long time for that golden taste that would be the highlight of our chips - it would go well with beer, be loved on its own and become the #1 choice on store shelves. And we think we did great!

Grab the news HERE, enjoy the improved taste, share with your friends and we promise, they will become your favorite snack.

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