Chips Set Xlarge

You only have too many chips when you're on a diet. And diets only start from next Monday ;)


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The set includes:

1 pc. CHAZZ potato chips with caramelized onion flavor

1 pc. CHAZZ flavored potato chips

1 pc. CHAZZ potato chips with hemp and jalapeno flavor

1 pc. CHAZZ (SWEET CHILLI CRISPIES) snack with sweet pepper flavor

1 pc. Cream and onion flavored potato chips CHAZZ

1 pc. Bacon flavored chips

1 pc. Vegetarian chicharon chips with spicy vinegar taste

2 pc. Different, random flavors of Long Chips

1 pc. Lemon flavored soft drink BEN SHAWS (Cloudy Lemonade)

1 pc. Beer-flavored refreshing carbonated drink BARR

1 pc. Cheese flavored corn chips

1 pc. Shrimp flavored crackers

1 pc. Fish flavored crisps

Due to high volume of orders, if one product in the set runs out, it can be replaced with the same product in a different flavor or a similar product.

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