Happy Ending Set

Remember the excitement of the first date... How your hands tremble before saying hello, how you constantly wonder if a strand of hair is falling in the right direction, how you are waiting for that first kiss or even something more... With this set, you can not worry, because the evening will take a good turn by itself; )


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The set includes:

1 pc. Candy pimple ring

1 pc. Nipple-shaped rubber bands

1 pc. Gummy bears in the shape of excited men

1 pc. Foam-shaped pacifier

1 pc. Mint-flavored lozenges after sex

1 pc. CHAZZ potato chips with hemp and jalapeno flavor

1 pc. Mussels and white wine flavored potato chips CHAZZ

1 pc. Sweet pepper flavored snack CHAZZ

1 pc. Fruit-flavored carbonated soft drink FANTA

1 pc. REESE'S Peanut Butter Chocolate Baskets

1 pc. Acidic gummy bears TOXIC WASTE

1 pc. Pretzels with chocolate frosting Choco Knots

1 pc. Strawberry-flavored soft drink FANTA

When the product runs out, it can be replaced by another one*

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