Lemon flavored iced tea

Do you remember the days when you had to go to kindergarten? If yes, then you definitely remember the lunch given every day, which was accompanied by a cup of very sweet iced tea... Well, this tea is not like that at all! It is not too sweet, has no cloudiness and has a perfectly balanced taste! If this was given to us in kindergarten... eh, we would have drunk more than one cup...


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Ingredients: Black tea infusion. Rosehip and Hibiscus Blossom (Water. Black tea. Rosehip. Hibiscus Blossom). Sugar. Lemon juice (1%) from lemon juice concentrate. Lime juice (1%) from lime juice concentrate. Citric acid. Fragrances.

Average 100 serving type, 100 ml nutritional value, 100 calories calories 26 kcal, 100 calories per 110 kJ, 100 proteins 0.5 g, 100 carbohydrates 6.3 g, 100 sugars 6.3 g, 0105 g Fat.

Distributor: UAB Gusania, Vokės st. 24, Lentvaris, Lithuania

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