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It is sometimes very difficult to choose a gift. Also, how to choose which movie to watch. CHAZZ is in a hurry to help you - grab a special set of MOVIE NIGHT SET with a special gift inside - erasable poster TOP 100 MOVIES!

The colorful MOVIE NIGHT SET is ready to give away. Give yourself a good Friday night set for yourself or send it straight to the other side!

The set consists of:

1 pc. Potato chips with hemp and jalapeno, 90g

1 pc. Potato chips with cheddar cheese, 90g

1 pc. Potato chips with truffles, 90g

1 pc. Vegetable chips with sea salt, 75g

2 pcs. Cheese caramel flavor popcorn, 120g

2 pcs. Salty popcorn, 40g

1 pc. Erasable poster in a gift box TOP 100 FILMS, A2


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