Mr. WORLDWIDE SET Snack set (12 packs)

Taste the world without leaving home!

The set includes:

1 pc. Potato chips Greek Kebab flavor, 90g


1 pc Bread chips with Onion and Sour cream flavored spice mixture, 75g


1 pc. Corn snack with barbecue flavor, 90 g


1 pc. Corn snack with tomato sauce flavor, 90 g


1 pc. Long Chips Honey BBQ flavored chips, 75 g


1 pc. Long Chips Grilled paprika-flavored chips, 75 g


1 pc. Suri-flavored crisps of various grains 60 g


1 pc. Organic popcorn from blue corn, with Himalayan salt, 20 g


1 pc. Pieces of organic cookies 80g


1 pc. Corn snack with paprika, 50 g


1 pc. Carrot chips with mango and habanero pepper "Karalienė Morka", 50g


1 pc. Gummies Space Invaders, 125g

* The appearance of the actual product may differ slightly from the product photos posted on the website

* Due to a large number of orders, one type of product may be replaced by another.



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