Potato chips Pink soup flavour, 90 g

The only potato chips with the taste of cold cuts!

These crisps, due to their freshness, undoubtedly remind you of a real Lithuanian summer. We use spices sparingly and fry the chips at a lower temperature, so you will feel the real taste of the potato.


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Potato chips Pink soup flavour, 90 g

Ingredients: 55% potatoes, rapeseed oil, 2,87% beets powder, salt, spice (onions, dill, green onions), cream powder, skim milk powder, yeast extract, maltodextrin, flavorings (cucumber, natural sour cream, onion), acidity regulator (lactic acid), anti-caking agent (silicium dioxide), spice extract (dill).

Nutrition declaration 100g: Energy 2138 kJ/513 kcal.

Fat 31,5 g, of which saturates 2,2 g, carbohydrate 48,1 g, of which sugars 4,0 g, fibre 5,0 g, protein 6,7 g, salt 2,1 g

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