Ghost chili flavor potato chips CHAZZ


Decent spicy chips

You might think you're up for the challenge when eating these chips, but the heat will creep up on you like a ghost and might tickle more than just your palate!

Package appearance may vary.


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Potato chips with Ghost paprika, 50 g

Ingredients: 55% potatoes, rapeseed oil, sweet paprika, salt, chipotle chili, garlic powder, 0.8% Naga Jolokia chili, 0.8% Scotch Bonnet pepper, onion powder, brown sugar, maltodextrin, acidity regulator (citric acid).

Nutrition declaration 100 g: Energy value 2154kJ/ 517kcal.

Fat 31.9g, of which saturated fatty acids 2g, carbohydrates 48.7g, of which sugar 1.7g, fiber 4.7g, protein 6.4g, salt 1.8g

Best before: look on the package

Country of origin: UAB Gusania, Vokės str. 24, Lentvaris, LT-25144, Lithuania

For complaints contact: quality@с

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