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Preparing for a picnic with friends is always time consuming and sometimes even tiring. While you’re waiting for all your friends to come, does your stomach play symphonies and live a separate life? CHAZZ as always rushes to the rescue! Don't waste time waiting, enjoy every moment and sunshine with the STARTER BOX, the most summery set created by CHAZZ and Radller. Let every sitting start with crispy CHAZZ chips and refreshing Radller non-alcoholic beer. In the bright box you will find everything you need for a good start to the PARTY: the most popular Chazz chips, including one of the most coveted cold borscht flavors, as well as renewed Radller drinks and a SPECIAL GIFT - a volleyball ball! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city in nature, eat, drink and play !!!! Grab the box and hurry to rest.

1 pc. Potato chips with hemp and jalapeno, 90g

1 pc. Potato chips with cheddar cheese, 90g

1 pc. Potato chips with truffles, 90g

1 pc. Potato chips with cold borscht taste, 90 g

4 pcs. Radller

1 pc. Volleyball


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CHAZZ Potato chips with hemp and jalapeño, 90 g

Ingredients: 55 % potatoes, rapeseed oil, maltodextrin, salt, sugar, natural flavouring, 0,4% hemp leaves, 0,33% jalapeño pepper, 0,15% chili, garlic, tomatoes, onions, spinach, 0,2% hemp protein, parsley, sunflower oil, acidity regulator (sodium acetate), anti-caking agent (calcium orthophosphates), antioxidant (extract of rosemary). Nutrition declaration 100g: Energy 2139kJ/513kcal. Fat 31,2g, of which saturates 1,9g, carbohydrate 49,7g, of which sugars 2,2g, fibre 4,2g, protein 6,4g, salt 1,4g. There may be traces of celery, soy, milk and their products.

CHAZZ Potato chips with cheddar cheese, 90 g

Ingredients: 55% potatoes, rapeseed oil, whey powder (from milk), maltodextrin, salt, sugar, 0,2% cheddar cheese powder, onion, flavouring (contains milk), acidity regulator (lactic acid), spice, flavouring, colouring substance – paprica extract. Nutrition declaration 100g: Energy 2162 kJ/518 kcal. Fat 31,4 g, of which saturates 2,1 g, carbohydrate 50,9 g, of which sugars 4 g, fibre 3,7 g, protein 6,2 g, salt 1,5 g.

CHAZZ Potato chips with truffles, 90 g

Ingredients: 55 % potatoes, rapeseed oil, salt, dextrose, maltodextrin, whey powder (from milk), lactose, milk powder, onions, yeast extract, acidity regulator (lactic acid), spices, 0,01 % truffles,  flavouring, sugar. Nutrition declaration 100g: Energy 2142 kJ/514 kcal. Fat 31 g, of which saturates 1,9 g, carbohydrate 50,4 g, of which sugars 4,4 g, fibre 3,7 g, protein 6,3 g, salt 2,1 g.

CHAZZ Potato chips with pink soup flavor „Šaltibarščiai“, 90 g

Ingredients: 55% potatoes, rapeseed oil, 2.87% beet powder, salt, spices (onions, dill, onion leaves), cream powder, skimmed milk powder, yeast extract, maltodextrins, flavorings (cucumber, natural sour cream, sweet cream) ). ), acidity regulator (lactic acid), tackifier (silicon dioxide), spice extract (dill). Nutrition declaration per 100 g: Energy value 2138 kJ / 513 kcal., Fat 31.5 g, of which 2.2 g of saturated fatty acids, 48.1 g of carbohydrates, 4.0 g of sugars, 5.0 g of fiber, protein 6.7 g, salt 2.1 g.

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