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Sugar Daddy Set

Sugar Daddy's recommendation - a great set at a great price. Grab it while it lasts!

Best before 6/18/2024


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The set includes:

1 pc. Cadbury Small Chocolate Eggs

1 pc. Caramel Egg Cadbury

1 pc. Tiny Egg Chocolate

1 pc. CHAZZ potato chips with caramelized onion flavor

1 pc. Cream and onion flavored vegetable chips CHAZZ

1 pc. Ukrainian borscht flavored potato chips CHAZZ

1 pc. Pretzels with chocolate frosting Choco Knots

1 pc. Strawberry Koala Cookies

1 pc. Carbonated soft drink in Ramun

1 pc. Carbonated soft drink Jarritos

1 pc. Aiheads chewy candy

1 pc. Fruit flavored gummies TETRIS, 125 g

Due to the volume of the order, if one product runs out, it can be replaced by another, similar product.

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