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Sweet set Xlarge

For those with a sweet tooth, this set is a real blessing... All that a frozen heart desires are drinks, candies and chips. It's like a childhood memory in a beautiful box. It will be suitable for sharing with friends, for a romantic date, and for a family evening. The set includes some of the world's most famous drinks and sweets that make people go crazy.


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The set includes:

1 pc. Chewing sticks SKWINKLES

1 pc. Apple-flavored powder with FUN DIP candy

1 pc. Berry-flavored powder with FUN DIP candy

1 pc. Lychee flavored carbonated drink POKEMON FANNEKIN

1 pc. CHAZZ flavored potato chips

1 pc. Sweet Chilli Crispies

1 pc. Cream and onion flavored potato chips CHAZZ

1 pc. Kiwi and strawberry flavored soft drink ARIZONA

1 pc. SNICKERS chocolate bar with pistachio flavor

1 pc. Gummies with various fruit flavors TETRIS

1 pc. ICE POP flavor isotonic drink PRIME

1 pc. Gummy bears Space Invaders

1 pc. CHAZZ potato chips with caramelized onion flavor

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