Sweet spicy candy DEDOS

Sweet, spicy? Who knows! Taste and decide for yourself ;)


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Ingredients: sucrose (icing sugar, refined sugar), glucose (corn syrup), citric acid (E330), iodised salt, water, corn starch (E1404), guajillo chilli, preservatives (E211, E202), colour (E110, E129). E110, E129 may adversely affect children's activity and attention.

Nutritional value (100g): Energy 1569 kJ / 369 kcal.

Fat 0,03 g, of which saturates 0 g; carbohydrate 91,34 g, of which sugars 84,6 g; protein 0,87 g; salt 2,11 g.

Best before: see package

Net content: 20 g

Country of origin: Mexico

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Distributor: UAB Gusania, Vokės g. 24, Lentvaris, LT-25144, Lithuania,

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