USA Set (12 pcs.)

Ohhhh sayyy can you seee... Or else, say, can you see the early dawn? We do! All the dawn you need is in this kit. Your favourite candies and drinks, chips and rice pudding can be on your Thanksgiving table!


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The set includes:

1 pc. CHAZZ (SWEET CHILLI CRISPIES) snack with sweet pepper flavor

1 pc. CHAZZ potato chips with hemp and jalapeno flavor

1 pc. Various fruit flavored candies SKITTLES (Squishy Cloudz)

1 pc. Raspberry tea flavored soft drink ARIZONA

1 pc. CHAZZ potato chips with caramelized onion flavor

1 pc. Candy in various flavors TOXIC WASTE (Atomic Bites)

1 pc. Apple-flavored powder with FUN DIP candy

1 pc. Berry-flavored powder with FUN DIP candy

1 pc. Lime flavored isotonic drink PRIME, 500 ml

1 pc. Raspberry flavored candies AIRHEADS

1 pc. Cheddar cheese flavored tortilla chips CHAZZ

1 pc. White mystery flavored candies AIRHEADS

*The appearance of the actual product may differ slightly from the product photo posted on the website

*Due to high volume of orders, when one product is out of stock, it may be replaced by another, similar product

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