VERY HOT SET (10 pcs.) (Christmas Wrapping)

Do you like burning chicory? Then you need to try the hottest kit for only the toughest fighters. Try the weirdest combinations of spiciness: burning lollipop, burning bomzpakis, burning chips. When the smoke starts to come out of your ears, take a sip of your drink and then give it to a friend!


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1 pc. CHAZZ cannabis and jalapeno tortilla chips

1 pc. Mild spicy salsa spread

1 pc. Ramen SAMYANG Hot Chicken 3x Spicy flavour

1 pc WOSTOK drink plum-cardamom flavour

1 pcs. Ghost chilli potato chips CHAZZ

1 pcs. Jalapeno habanero chilli potato chips CHAZZ

1 pc. Carolina Reaper paprika potato chips CHAZZ

1 pc. Spicy assorted snack set

1 pc. Chips TAKIS Blue Heat

1 pc. Cannabis and jalapeno potato chips CHAZZ

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