The organization VšĮ "Iki pergalės" and the Lithuanian reservist mission "Snake Island" provide targeted assistance to Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the hottest spots, where the most intense battles are taking place. It also conducts training for soldiers at the front, helping them to learn how to work maximally well with the latest weaponry, which reaches soldiers from all over the world.

The organization's instructors teach not only soldiers but also civilians, imparting knowledge on how to survive in war conditions and contribute to the fight against aggressors. Since the beginning of the war, “Iki pergalės” has trained more than 8,000 ordinary people. In a war like this, these lessons become invaluable and save the lives of not only of those who trained, but also those around them.

The organization "Until Victory" is not large, but this does not stop them from being brave maximalists who transport necessary items for soldiers and civilians to the hottest points of the battle. Sigitas Maliauskas, representative of VšĮ "Iki pergalės", mentions that

 there are weeks when the organization has something to transport, such as food rations, medical supplies, but the high prices of fuel and transport preparation stop them. More funding could save even more lives, train even more civilians, and bring Ukraine one step closer to freedom.

The CHAZZ team, feeling infinite gratitude and wanting to remind everyone that the fight is not over and Ukraine has many more important battles for its freedom and ours included, has created Ukrainian Borscht flavored chips. All the profit received from the sale of these chips will go to the "Iki pergalės" fund to support their activities.

More about the creation of "Ukrainian borscht" flavored chips HERE

We invite you to contribute to help Ukraine by allocating support in the following ways:

1. On the “Contribee” platform

2. By bank transfer:

Account No.: LT177300010171472276


Bank: Swedbank


Purpose of payment: SUPPORT

3. By purchasing CHAZZ Ukrainian Borsht flavoured chips. All profits from each purchased package of Ukrainian Borscht chips will be donated, purchase here:

4. By allocating 1.2% of PIT to “Iki pergalės”, Company code 306040086.


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You can find Ukrainian borscht chips HERE 

You can learn more about the missions of Until Victory on their Facebook account HERE