Did you know that...? Chazz is hosting a game!
Chazz recently celebrated his 5th birthday, on the occasion of which he did a research and found that people want to drive and relax and chew and not think... Taking into account the wishes and not stopping the birthday joy, we want to share memories and adventures with the people of Lithuania. Also, we all know that the love of not only men, but also of all women, is through the stomach... :)

Ride comfortably - chew deliciously!

This will be Chazz's motto for even 8 weeks! Why? And because in Chazz's funnest and most generous game, up to 7 lucky winners will be able to win a BMW 5 Series for a week or 700 sets of Chazz chips!

707 prizes is a lucky number

If you're still thinking about whether it's worth buying Chazz, read your lucky number horoscope because...
We will be giving away as many as 7 new BMW 5 Series cars for the week, with leather seats, 4 wheel drive, multimedia and so much horse power that it will be difficult to drive 50 km/h in the city, watch out for the tripod!
Well, for those who won't be able to drive, chips will help lift the mood ???? as many as 700 new, never-before-seen Chazz sets, which will be suitable not only for chewing in front of the TV, but also for parties, picnics, and especially for lovers of different flavors and shapes of chips!

How to win?

Very easy, just go to the store or Chazz.lt, choose everything your heart desires, buy and enter the receipt or order number and contact information at https://chazzchips.com/lt/laimek-bmw.
We will draw winners weekly, so stay tuned to your phone or computer for a call or email. If the winners cannot be contacted within 24 hours after the announcement, the prize will go to another lucky winner.
Be sure to read the rules https://chazzchips.com/lt/laimek-bmw-taisykles!