The CHAZZ N-18 set of chips is designed for those who know what they want and what they like. It's an unreal cocktail of sensations that will take you through all four phases, very similar to the phases of dating.

The first phase of dating is usually easy and with a little excitement: "Well, what will this experience give me?". These are CHAZZ Truffle Chips. Their light and mild taste easily overwhelms the palate. You don't even notice that you are immersed in your light sensations and eat eat eat eat... It's like you're smiling at a person who came on a date, although you honestly can't hear a single word they're saying.
The second phase of dating begins when strange questions are answered, the elephant is off the ears, it becomes interesting and it seems that you are relaxing. But courage is still lacking, then CHAZZ chips with cheddar cheese enter the flavor palette. Well, what better way to break up the ice than a long-aged cheddar cheese? It has been known for ages that good cheese melts every, even the hardest heart. Therefore, after tasting these chips, it will be completely clear - the ice cream has melted.

The third phase of dating is crucial. In this phase, you will decide whether there will be a second date. And honestly, this CHAZZ Crispy Jalapeno Pepper works incredible wonders. It feels like the roof is about to come off and you want to shout Eureka in your head. A pulsating taste that awakens all the convolutions of the brain, when it seems that the whole world has become clear as in the palm of your hand. After tasting the truffles, immersing yourself in the well-known journey of cheddar cheese, you finally seem to have found what you've always been missing. This little bomb will be on a second date.

There is no fourth phase of dating because there is only an endless string of dates. From a mighty Eureka, you made the decision to continue this journey together. And to the greatest surprise, two seemingly incompatible people finally get along. You complement each other perfectly, you like different things in life, you even like different CHAZZ chips. And how good it is that the newly baked N-18 series has the main connecting flavor. It's a hemp and jalapeno flavor. Which, like the first phase of a date, is light, gentle, and then a powerful jalapeno wave hits from somewhere. Absolutely appropriate for your relationship as a couple, when every day is different, when both of you have different points of view, but there is something special and attractive, because you want to repeat and repeat everything again.

Such are the new CHAZZ N-18 chips. They will take you through all possible flavors, you will want to eat them and mix them together, taste one of each flavor. Enjoy different palettes of sensations that are light, soft, mature and pounding from the basics.