Chance to win up to 3 BOXES OF CHAZZ CHIPS EACH!

All you have to do is do what you already know best :)

1. Shoot a TikTok (or any other video format) as ROAST'ini CHAZZ

2. Send - or upload to your TikTok account by tagging @chazzchips

3. The funniest and funniest video creator will receive even 3 boxes of chips!

We will also upload the best video to our @CHAZZ.LT TikTok account!

The video can be about anything from air-filled potato chips to a full-on vanity fair. How you implement the idea - it all depends on you! Maybe you want to film yourself, maybe you want to create a meme - we leave full freedom to your imagination!

The contest will last from March 13. until March 26!

March 27 we will announce the winner on our INSTAGRAM account!