The CHAZZ team is always looking for something to surprise our customers, so we very often focus on unusual spices and flavors, but in this case we want to introduce an unexpected vegetable, which is a flower of the sukutii genus (!!!). Truly tasted and loved by many, it managed to broaden the attitude of every Lithuanian to chips. A snack that won't leave you indifferent!

So we present in the CHAZZ potato category a young, energetic and modern SWEET POTATO, which proudly presents itself as a POTATO. She also calls herself a TikTok star because she has influential nutritionists behind her who recommend using it instead of the old potato. Its unique bright color is unashamedly used on the plates of the highest restaurants and participates in red carpet ceremonies. Accentuating its melt-in-your-mouth texture, sweet potato or sweet potato seems to conquer the heart of every second Lithuanian.

We didn't know what to expect when we collaborated with a super goddess, but the result of CHAZZ Sweet Potato Chips exceeded our expectations. In order to be revealed in all its beauty not only on restaurant plates, but also in our chips packets, it is baked slowly at a low temperature. The light, crunchy texture and the sweet aftertaste that lingers in your mouth will make you redo the list of your favorite chips. We boldly call sweet potato the king of chips.

In CHAZZ sweet potato chips you will find the pioneer of spices - salt. After testing and tasting thousands of chips, we realized that a pinch of salt is exactly what a youthful and modern potato needs, so that it becomes not a short-term FAD, but a long-term HIT.

It seems that BATATAS is well aware of its value, which is why it has become the leader of the electronic store since the first production series of CHAZZ chips.