The CHAZZ team is focused on quality products that are maximally beneficial for health and serve the taste buds. The pride of us Lithuanians is not only the old town of Vilnius or great basketball achievements but also traditional dishes - we demonstrate them to all visiting foreigners, encourage them to taste and like them as we like them ourselves.

After conducting an independent study, which showed that basketball and traditional meals are number one in the heart of every Lithuanian - the CHAZZ team found a unique opportunity to present you the traditional tastes that everyone loves - CEPELINUS and ŠALTIBARSČIUS in solid form. Every Lithuanian can confirm that not a single family ball is complete without zeppelins, and if there isn't at least a five-liter pot of cold beer in the kitchen in summer, it smells like a crime. But how to convey their taste if you are too lazy to go to a restaurant for traditional dishes, cook them or you are not in Lithuania? We present the best snacks from Lithuania - Šaltibarščiai and Zepelinė flavored chips!

CHAZZ ZEPELINŪ potato chips will amaze you with their uniqueness. Zeppelin flavor!!! Incredible, right? When you eat these chips, you will remember the texture of a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth mashed potato, which is permeated with juicy and high-quality cracker filling. Each crisp is made with love, just like a real zeppelin. Therefore, from now on, the description "one big and thick" fits perfectly on the way of CHAZZ chips.
Well, the second magical opportunity to enjoy your favorite Lithuanian taste will explode your brain cells. Hold on tight, because now every season, summer and winter, when the aromas of fresh dill and beetroot fill the house, it will be CHIZZ flavored CHAZZ crisps. Not only our parents, grandmothers and grandfathers or aunts and uncles, who will undoubtedly wonder "What else will those young people come up with?" at the family table, will gladly taste these chips.

And we promise not to stop and surprise you every time! Each crisp is wrapped in dill, kefir, and beetroot spices and easily dances with the taste buds. And finally, the five-liter pot fits in a backpack, goes well with friends' parties, and becomes a constant friend in summer and winter.
So, if you're a proud Lithuanian, but you've been having fun at a family ball for a long time, or you still don't have time to eat bowl cold borsch during the summer, it's a unique opportunity to use alternatives to CHAZZ chips. Feed a foreigner, take a waiting room to friends, hug grandma and grandpa - send them ZEPELINAS and SCHALTIBARSČI. Take CHAZZ ice cream or zeppelin chips with you to a friend's party, on a date, or to munch with your colleagues during a lunch break, share them on trips - we guarantee that the chips will become the main topic of discussion, it will be like a tasting match, which will more accurately describe your sensations. Embark on another CHAZZ flavor journey.