• Do you deliver overseas? And can I use a discount code?

    We deliver abroad, only there is an additional delivery charge (depending on the number of ordered boxes and the country to which delivery is required). As for the application of the discount code, you can write the code and we will apply the discount ourselves when invoicing for payment.

  • In which stores can you find CHAZZ?

    In Lithuania you will find us in:

    • Rimi
    • Narvesen 
    • Vilniaus alus 
    • Alynas 
    • Circle K
    • Viada
    • ORLEAN
    • BARBORA e-shop

    In Latvia you will find us in:

    • Rimi
    • Narvesen
    • Elvi
    • AIBE
    • LAATS

    In Estonia you will find us in:

    • Rimi
    • Biomarket
  • Who can I contact regarding advertising or collaboration?

    Please contact the following Email: [email protected]