Purchasing, delivery and return policies


The online store at www.chazzchips.com belongs to Gusania, UAB, registered office is: Vokes 24, Lentvaris, Trakai district, company code 304827413, contact phone (+370) 658 07210 (calls are charged according to the tariffs set by the relevant operator).

Using the online store, the terminal equipment and IT system of the Customer must comply with the Technical Requirements.

These Rules are intended for Clients who are Users and Clients who are not Users who use the Online Store, Electronic Services.

The Client's consent to the applicable provisions of the Rules is voluntary, but it is necessary to create an Account and / or place a Client Order or Product Reservation.

Capitalized terms used in the Rules have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

- PROMOTIONS - special conditions for the sale or provision of services governed by the rules of the online store, applicable to a special offer from the Seller, valid for a certain period, which the Client can use on the terms specified on the Site, such as Price or delivery discount.

- CIVIL CODE - The Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

- WORKING DAY - one day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

- ELECTRONIC SERVICE - services provided to the Client in the Seller's online store in accordance with the requirements of current legal acts and in accordance with the provisions of the Service Agreement. If the services are provided by organizations cooperating with the Seller, the relevant provisions regarding the use of these services are provided in the rules for the provision of services by these organizations.

- ONLINE STORE - a platform operated by the Seller for the provision of the services offered by the Seller, consisting of a group of interconnected websites available at www.chazzchips.com.

- CSD - the Seller's Customer Service Department, which provides Customers with information about the activities of the Online Store, including Products, Store, Rules and current promotions, on Working days during working hours specified in the contact section of the Online Store website, as well as phone and email, email address by sending a message to the user www.chazzchips.com, in the online chat in the contact section of the website of the online store and using the contact form. Telephone calls to the customer service office are charged according to the tariffs set by the relevant operator.

- PRICE - the total amount of remuneration (including taxes), indicated in euros or other currency, to be paid to the Seller for the transfer of ownership of the Goods to the Client in accordance with the Sales Agreement. Delivery costs are not included in the price, unless otherwise provided by the Promotion Terms applicable to the Online store.

- CUSTOMER - 1) an individual or a person acting through an authorized person; 2) a legal entity; or 3) an organizational unit without legal personality, which is legal and operating in accordance with the law. In the case that the Client is an individual with disabilities, he / she undertakes to obtain the valid consent of his representative to conclude a Service Agreement / Sales and Purchase Agreement and to provide such consent at the request of the Seller.

- CART - a service provided to each Customer using the Online Store, which allows him / her to place an Order for one or more Products, reserve a Product, enter discount codes that reduce the Price in accordance with the rules stipulated in individual contracts / rules, see Prices for individual Products and the total Price of all Products (as well as delivery costs) and see the estimated delivery time of the Products. Adding the goods to the Cart, the Customer submits proposals for concluding a Purchase and Sale Agreement, i.e. the Client can conclude more than one sales contract by sending one Order.

- NEWSLETTER - an electronic service that allows all Clients who use it to automatically periodically receive information from the Seller about the Products, online store, including news and special offers, by e-mail provided by the Client or phone number.

- SELLER - Gusania, UAB company which registered office is located at: Vokes 24, Lentvaris, Trakai district, company code 304827413, contact phone number (+370) 658 07210 (calls are charged according to the tariffs set by the relevant operator).

- SALES AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT – An agreement of sale concluded between the Client and the Seller remotely using communications in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, according to which the Seller sells Products to the Client at a specified price plus applicable additional fees, including the cost of delivery, as defined in these Rules.

- ACCOUNT - an electronic service, a set of resources in the Seller's information and communication technologies system, marked with an individual Username and Password of the Customer, which allows the Customer to use additional functions / services. The Client logs into the Account using his Login and Password. The client logs into his Account after registering with the online store. The Account allows you to collect and store the Buyer's addresses to which Products are sent, the status of the Order, Orders and Product reservations, as well as the history of any other services provided by the Seller.

- GOODS - a movable item sold in the online store, which is the subject of the Sales and Purchase agreement concluded between the Buyer and the Seller, for which the Seller is paid the Price, or the subject of the Product reservation.

- LOGIN NAME - Client's email address, the email address that he/she indicated when creating the Account.

- PASSWORD - a sequence of characters (letters and numbers) that the Client has set when creating an Account, which is necessary for authorization when connecting to the Account. The Client must keep the Password confidential (not disclose it to third parties). The Seller provides the Buyer with the ability to change the Password repeatedly.

- RULES - defines the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller. In these Rules, the provision of services in electronic form is regulated by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

- CONTENT - textual, graphic or multimedia elements (for example, product information, product photos, visual elements of product presentation, descriptions).

- ORDER - a statement of the Client expressing his desire to conclude Sales and Purchase Agreement remotely using remote communications, defining the Products that the Client intends to purchase, and providing the Client's data necessary to conclude and execute a possible Sales and Purchase Agreement. The order of each Product will be considered as an independent proposal of the Customer for the conclusion of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (technical assistance). The order will be assigned one number, the Order Confirmation sent by the Seller is considered at the time of the conclusion of the Sales Agreement.

- CONSUMER – an individual or legal person who makes a legal deal with the Seller that is not directly related to his economic or professional activities.

- CONSUMER RIGHTS LAW, LAW - Republic of Lithuania Law on Consumer Protection.


The main characteristics of the services, including the subject of the service and the way of contacting the Customer, are presented on each page of the Product.

The Seller provides the opportunity to place Orders for goods in the following ways:

a) Website of the online store;

b) Communicating with CSD:

- by phone;

- by Email;

With the development of the services provided, the Seller may offer other ways to place Orders through remote communication in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.

The Sales and Purchase Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded after the Seller confirms the receipt of the Order.

The Seller provides the Buyer with the opportunity to place an Order through the online store as follows:

a) The Customer places the selected products in the shopping cart in the online store and then proceeds to the order form;

b) The Client who created the Account confirms in the Order Form the relevance of the data required for the conclusion and execution of the Sales Agreement. The user who does not have an Account must fill out the Order Form separately: indicate his/her data which are necessary for the conclusion of the Sales Agreement and its execution. In any case, if the Customer's data is outdated or incorrect, the Agreement cannot be concluded. In the order form, the Customer must indicate the following data: name and surname, address (street, house / apartment number, postal code, city, state), e-mail, telephone number of the contact person and data related to the Sales Agreement: Product (s), quantity (s) of product (s), if applicable, type, color and size, place and method of delivery of the Product (s), payment method. If the Customer is not a Consumer, the company name and taxpayer code must be indicated;

c) The Buyer chooses one of the delivery methods offered by the Seller;

d) The Customer chooses the method of payment for the Price and other expenses for the execution of the Sales Agreement specified in the Order Form;

e) The Buyer sends the Order to the Seller using a special function of the online store (the button "confirm and pay for the order"). If the Client has not created an Account and has not previously given his consent to the Rules, he must express his consent;

f) The Client sends the Order using a special function of the online store (the button "confirm and pay for the order");

In case of conclusion of the Sales and Purchase Agreement by other remote communication, including by phone:

a) The Seller sends the Client an e-mail confirming the content of the Sales and Purchase Agreement proposed for conclusion;

b) The Client must send the Order Confirmation to the Seller by e-mail to the same e-mail address from which he received the confirmation specified in paragraph 6 a;

c) if the Client does not have an Account and he has not previously agreed with the Rules, it is necessary that he agrees with the Rules.

In all cases, except for the cases specified in paragraph 6, when the Sales and Purchase Agreement is concluded using other remote communication, including telephone, the following paragraphs should be applied accordingly at the initiative of the user, depending on the circumstances and used communication.

The Seller, in response to the received Order, immediately sends to the Buyer an automatically generated email to the email address confirming receipt of the Order and the start of processing.

After confirming the Order, the Seller immediately sends the email specified by the Buyer with:

a) confirmation that one or more of the Customer's proposals submitted during the Order have been accepted and the Sales and Purchase Agreement has been concluded (acceptance of the Order for the Products specified in the notification); or

b) information about the impossibility to accept all the Client's orders submitted during the year, for the reasons specified in paragraph III.3 (failure to pay);

c) The sales contract is considered concluded from the moment of confirmation of the Order (s), i.e. at. when the Client has received the notification referred to in paragraph 9 (a). The Seller sends the Buyer confirmation of the terms of the Sales Agreement to the email address provided by the Buyer.

If it is not possible to accept all or some of the offers presented during the Order, CSD will contact the Customer in order to:

a) inform the Customer about the impossibility to accept all or some of the proposals presented in the Order for the conclusion of the Sales and Purchase Agreement; or

b) confirm to the Customer the possibility of fulfilling that part of the Order, for which he agrees to conclude the Sales and Purchase Agreement. In this case, the Customer can cancel the entire Order (all offers), which does not violate his right to withdraw from the contract. Cancellation of the Customer's Order releases the Seller from the obligation to fulfill it. In case of cancellation of the order, the relevant provisions of the Law and the Civil Code apply.

If it is impossible to accept the offer (s) presented at the time of the Order, the Purchase Contract is not concluded for the Products specified the CSD and the Seller must immediately, but no later than within 14 days, return the amounts paid to the Customer.

In any case, the Seller can inform the Client about the status of the Order, in particular, by sending a notification to the Client's e-mail address, sending an SMS or contacting him by phone.

The Seller seeks to ensure the availability of the Products and the fulfillment of the Sales Agreement. In cases when the Sales and Purchase Agreement cannot be executed, and in other cases provided for by law, the provisions of the Civil Code and the provisions of other applicable legal acts apply, since such legal acts are applied in accordance with the rules provided therein.

The total cost of the Order includes the Price, delivery costs and possible other costs for additional services selected by the Customer. The Seller has the right to establish a minimum order value for free delivery of the Goods. The Client is informed of the total Price, including fees for the ordered Product, as well as delivery costs (transportation, delivery, postage) and other costs, and, when it is impossible to determine the amount of these payments, of the obligation to pay them when placing the Order or when The client declares his desire to conclude a sales contract.

Promotions issued in the online store are not combined, unless otherwise provided by the terms of the Promotions.

In the case of product reservations, the provisions of this paragraph shall apply accordingly subject to the following provisions.

The possibility of reserving the Goods depends on the region / address specified by the Customer in the order form.


The Seller allows the Buyer to choose different payment methods.

Payments in electronic form and by payment card are made at the option of the Client through authorized service providers.

One of the payment methods is using electronic banking services of banks Swed, Seb, Luminor. Payment in euros is possible. Payments are processed using the MakeCommerce.lt payment platform.

If the Client chooses to prepay by bank transfer and does not make a payment, CSD may contact the Client, including by email. mail, and remind him of payment. If the Client does not make payment within 3 days from the date of the Order and during an additional payment period of 2 days after the reminder, the Client's order will not be accepted. Until the Customer receives notification of placing the Order, he can cancel the Order without any consequences, by contacting the CSD of the Seller, can cancel the Order within the specified period, and this does not violate his / her right to withdraw from the contract.


These Rules come into force on 01-07-2020.

The material provisions of the Electronic Services Agreement are established, protected, presented and approved by sending a notice to the email address provided by the Customer. E-mail address.

The Seller provides technical and organizational measures appropriate to the level of risk associated with the services provided in accordance with the Service Agreement. The use of electronic services involves risks inherent in the transmission of data over the Internet, such as loss, distribution or illegal interception of the transmitted data.

Customers can view and print these Rules free of charge at www.chazzchips.com.

The Seller informs that the use of the Internet store through a browser or placing an Order during phone calls from CSD may entail additional costs for using the Internet (data transfer charges) or the cost of phone calls in accordance with the tariffs of the service provider whose services the Client uses.

The provisions of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, including the provisions of the Civil Code, Law on Consumer Protection, the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data and other applicable legal acts, apply to matters not covered by these Rules, insofar as such legal acts are applicable.

When deciding to apply the laws of the Republic of Lithuania to these Rules, the Client does not lose the protection granted to him in accordance with the provisions that cannot be legally ignored when concluding an Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer and which will be applied in the absence of a choice.

Delivery terms

The courier delivers the goods to your home or to the selected post machine. In Lithuania within 1-5 working days after payment of the order, within 1-7 working days in Europe and within 1-21 working days in the USA.

Return Policy

If customers are not satisfied with the quality of the delivered goods, they must inform about it by e-mail no later than within 72 hours from the date of delivery of the goods. Email quality@chazzchips.com. When submitting an application for a defective product, you must provide a photo of the defective product.

When returning or exchanging items purchased from the online store, we will ask you to fill out the return or exchange letter provided.

The money for the returned product will be transferred to your bank account from which you paid for the purchases, no later than within 5 (five) business days.