Fantazijos x Chazz 5 Senses Set

Humans have 5 senses:

sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

Each sense provides a distinct image, memory and adventure. Touch your significant other, smell the scent of passion, see the lines of the body, taste the forbidden fruit and hear the note of pleasure broadcast.


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The set includes:

1 pc. Chocolate covered popcorn

1 pc. Monster drink with a new flavor

1 pc. Mint-flavored lozenges After Sex

1 pc. Mango-flavored soft drink LIQUID DEATH

1 pc. Rubber bands in the shape of condoms

1 pc. Strawberry Koala Cookies

1 pc. Nipple-shaped pacifier

1 pc. Rubber bands in various sex positions

1 pc. Potato chips with truffles CHAZZ

1 pc. Italian Spritz flavor potato chips CHAZZ

1 pc. Bell Ring for sex

1 pc. Kamasutra cards

1 pc. Pheromone perfume for women Fun (sample)

1 pc. Pheromone perfume for men Fun (sample)

1 pc. Feather Pooh

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