Inside the Jungle of Opinions

Did you know that about 10 percent of everyone’s dreams involve sex? Studies show that at least one in every ten dreams has some sexual content in it: women see themselves having sex with famous politicians and other celebrities, whereas men tend to dream about sexual scenarios involving multiple partners.

The news about our Pussy-Flavored potato chips has rocked the world and caused quite a stir. Just like in many other countries, the Lithuanian society displayed three distinctive reactions: the majority of people welcomed the bold product, urging us to “stop at nothing”, the neutral group just had a good laugh, whereas the last sector cringed at the idea and accused us of “inequality”.

The CHAZZ Team has taken both radically different opinions into account and now, after a period of extensive work, are ready to introduce the new Dick-Flavored potato chips for you to enjoy.

Both Pussy-Flavored and Dick-Flavored chips are not meant for personal use. Sure, you can purchase and munch on them alone, but we have created this product to be SHARED. This can be an awesome gift to your loved one or an open-minded friend with a great sense of humor.

This gift can help you send a straightforward message that you are free of inhibitions and ready to have open conversations about sex, unburdened by judgment or prejudice. When given to a romantic partner, it can act as a clear invitation not only to indulge in oral sex, leaving all discomfort outside the bedroom door but also to explore all other avenues that lead to maximum pleasure for all parties involved. Nowadays, young people are three times less likely to have sex than their parents did at the same age, but we believe that millennials have an obligation and the necessary tenacity to turn this unfortunate situation on its head.

Regarding TASTE: both Pussy-Flavored and Dick-Flavored potato chips are delicious and will be loved by the majority of those who try them. Having said that, these are not your typical run-of-the-mill flavors, so personal experiences may vary.

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